Milliman Labs

Unlocking the future of insurance technology

This four-part virtual event series brings together leaders from across tech and insurance to discuss how digital innovation can both create opportunities and pose challenges to our changing businesses. Join us and take your next steps toward the future of insurance technology.

SEPTEMBER 2022 - JUNE 2023


About the Milliman Labs series

Insurance and technology are intrinsically linked. How do they best work together?

How we embrace and embed technology into the way we work — and how we develop and deliver services — will define our response to everything from the climate crisis to systemic healthcare inequity.

Bringing together leading figures from tech and insurance, Milliman Labs is a four-part event series that will push you to think about how these industries can work together to drive innovative change — as well as overcome the challenges encountered when adopting new technologies.

Milliman Labs is your chance to join the conversation as we discuss what the future of insurance technology should look like and how data and AI can help us recruit the skills and expertise needed to grow the industry in the digital age.

Event series

Data, AI, and modeling: Where tech and insurance converge

September 8, 2022

On Demand

The role of technology in health insurance

December 6, 2022

On Demand

Culture, talent, and DEI in insurance technology

March 16, 2023

On Demand

Insurance technology: 2024 and beyond

June 15, 2023